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Berry Project

Home Renovation Project

This Melbourne home renovation was transformed by Backman Builder, where this once-tired original cream brick home now boasts modern finishes and features. The transition from indoor to outdoor living is flawlessly integrated, offering versatile spaces for various uses.


Noteworthy curves define the design, including a multipurpose building adorned in standing seam cladding, complemented by landscaping and stunning red ironbark timberwork.

Original Tired Cream Brick Home

Transforming an exhausted cream brick home into a haven of modern elegance.

Berry Project

The Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design seamless blend of style and functionality.

The Kitchen.webp

The Stairway

The stairway, a stylish focal point in the home, showcases modern design providing both functional access and an element of architectural elegance.

The Stairway.webp

The Bathroom

A sleek and sophisticated modern bathroom design that exudes contemporary elegance and comfort.

The Bathroom.webp

Sitting Space

Spacious and inviting open home environment, blending comfort and style with abundant natural light.

Open Space at home.webp

The Kitchen

Our skilled team brings a blend of creativity and functionality to every project, ensuring your kitchen becomes a personalized masterpiece. From contemporary design elements to innovative storage solutions.

Modern Kitchen.webp

Brick Home

Upper level of the residence, embodying modern design and functionality, offering an elevated perspective and additional living space for a well-appointed and versatile home.

Modern House.jpg

Brick Home

Upstairs living area with a modern touch.

Elegant Brick Home.webp

"This remarkable metamorphosis has elevated the family home into a haven seamlessly nestled into the charm of leafy suburban living. This Berry family house renovation project in Melbourne reflects our commitment to transforming spaces, creating a cosy retreat that harmoniously blends with the surrounding greenery, exemplifying a Melbourne home renovation."

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