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The Backman Brothers: Sustainable Home Builders in Melbourne

Updated: May 31

As kids, we (brothers Dean and Darryn Backman) were surrounded by the outdoors, adventure, and imagination. Our parents planted trees in our house paddock as goalposts, the garage had more cricket ball marks than intact plaster and our Dad’s Kingswood (with his work gear and trailer) was a playground for us two young boys. Our biggest worry was playing keepings off with our border collie and keeping the horses off our footy field. At the time, who would have known that our parents had future builders and renovators on their hands?

Sustainable builder brothers with their mum
The Backman Brothers with their beautiful Mum

Fast forward to the present time and we are blessed with a total of 7 kids between us. Our love for adventure and the outdoors continues to thrive. Darryn, his wife and their three boys are often venturing out to the Yarraville Gardens or Williamstown Beach. They can also be found at the famous MCG supporting their beloved AFL team. Meanwhile Dean, along with his wife and their four young daughters enjoy a peaceful farm life in Kyneton. They also love exploring the Macedon Ranges, hiking around Mt Macedon, and dining out in Woodend and Kyneton’s famous Piper St.

Our love for the outdoors seamlessly merged with our career journeys, starting as carpenters and eventually becoming builders. We found ourselves fortunate enough to work on beautiful homes in iconic inner Melbourne suburbs such as Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Yarraville, Seddon, and Williamstown. Each project brought new challenges and valuable lessons, spurring a constant search for improvements and innovation in our craft.

Creating Sustainable homes
The Brothers behind Backman Builders

Each beautiful home was a new workplace, involving new faces and new challenges. Each dream home came with its own lessons, some hard and some easy. It’s been a rollercoaster ride so far, to say the least. But we were on a constant journey to make both big and small improvements. That won’t stop, it’s in the fibre of what makes us tick. We come from a long line of builders and a builder trend in our family as one of our earliest core memories made us keen to be the next.

The tags “Builder in Melbourne”, “Macedon Ranges Builder”, and "Sustainable Home Builders" are all fitting. We see ourselves and our build team as very fortunate to work in some beautiful homes in some stunning locations as well as the opportunities to collaborate with great building designers and industry leaders to create our own history to be proud of.

 Visionary, Sustainable, Innovative Builders
Backman's Leaders: Sustainable Visionaries

As brothers working together, we bring our shared passion and commitment to our craft. We are not only driven by a desire to create beautiful homes but also by a goal to prioritise the health and well-being of our clients. Our next venture lies in Passivhaus and healthy homes, as we continue to seek out ways to build sustainable and environmentally friendly living spaces.

Backman Builders is more than just a team of builders. We are teammates, brothers, and a group of individuals who love what they do. Whether you find us in Kyneton or Yarraville, our dedication to our craft and our commitment to building amazing, healthy homes remain constant.

If you want to keep up with the exciting things happening at Backman Builders, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. You will get a glimpse into our journey and the projects we have in store for 2024.

Embrace the journey with Backman Builders and witness our vision come to life.

Yours truly,

Dean and Darryn


Backman Builders

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