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Contemporary Project

Townhouse Renovation

Backman Builders stands as the epitome of excellence among Melbourne townhouse builders, renowned for their expertise in renovation townhouse projects. They craft masterpieces that seamlessly blend contemporary design with timeless elegance. This townhouse development is a modern finish take, featuring simple yet stunning finishes.

Contrasting Finishes

Zinc element bricks and light rendered first floor gives this development a stunning finish.

Contrasting Finishes.webp

Open Living

Tassie Oak flooring and staircase.

Open Living.webp

The Kitchen

Spacious living area complemented by a standout kitchen design.


Exposed Zinc Bricks

Feature Zinc wall in this powder room catches the eye well! It's the little things that make a home.

Exposed zinc bricks.webp


Contemporary Townhouse looking stunning in the sunset.


Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen is a show stopper for modern day class. Note the timber shelves returning to the underside of the staircase.

Contemporary Kitchen.webp

Tassie Oak Staircase

Kitchen showcasing a canopy and breakfast bar.


Master Bedroom

This master is spacious and thoughtful, with a bay window seat with draws to add to the comfort.

Master Bedroom.webp

This Renovation Townhouse Project is a testament to our commitment to redefining urban living spaces with a modern touch. 

At Backman Builders detail is not just a part of what we do; it's the essence of our craftsmanship.


From the grand design to the minutest finishing touches, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each element is thoughtfully considered and meticulously executed.

Get in touch to discuss your next project!

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