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Red Brick Renovation Project

Red Brick Reno

Retrofit Revamp

This Red Brick house, built in 1954, with its sturdy blue stone footings, is as solid as the day it was built, yet its energy efficiency was 70 years out of date, now with a sustainable makeover to update its durability and efficiency for a healthy future. This renovation's aim was to ensure a greener and more comfortable living environment for the future.

Curves and colours

A retro fit doesn't mean you cant create spaces to flourish in, your finishes should compliment your personality.

Spacious and Elegant kitchen

Functional spaces

Lifestyle choices made easy with smart design and fun interior finishes.

Functional space maximizes efficiency and convenience

The Kitchen

Tones, textures and colours.

A sophisticated colors imbue the spacious kitchen


Building for families for us is not just about our two legged clients.

A picture of cat in the dinning table in the old but elegant house


Have a look at a makeover of the 1954 Red Brick house - a Backman Builders transformation in performance and home living.

Did you know that this Red Brick Reno journey has been uploaded on YouTube? Take a look at our Red Brick Reno episodes and delve into the sustainable journey makeover unfolding before your eyes!

Discover the stunning craftsmanship of Backman Builders and unveil our unwavering commitment to crafting healthy and high-performance homes where our clients can truly flourish.

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